Disadvantages of online booking on travel portals


The online travel portal allows the customer to find information about the different locations, locations, availability, price comparisons and hotel reservations of their choice, or if they are looking for any package, they can find it by ordering different vacation packages. . With the help of Traveler Online Travel portals, you can search quickly and efficiently for your travel needs. Before the invention of the Internet, people used to visit travel agencies and tour operators to book hotels, book cars or go on excursions. However, I have found that although the Online Travel Portal offers so many options for the end customer, it cannot attract the maximum number of Target Audiences. We will discuss these disadvantages of travel portals below.

1) Limited options: Travel agents offering good prices do not have an online travel booking system where the customer can order tickets directly and get approval.

2) Real-time confirmation: Many Tour Operator Systems allow the customer to order online, but do not offer real-time confirmation.

3) Hidden Payments and Security: Travel agents and tour operators often advertise low prices to attract a customer, but then charge some hidden fees. Ordering Travel Online requires you to pay a certain amount in advance to the extent that you put the customer at risk through an unreliable website.

4) Paid Ads: Online booking will rarely allow the Customer to talk to anyone about the service. There may be a situation where a customer finds reviews on the Travel Agents and Supplier website, but you can never be sure if the ad is paid or genuine.

5) Special Needs: When booking online through the Hotel Reservation System, the customer cannot confirm a certain requirement.



10 benefits of an online ordering program


Online booking has made our lives easier. It saves time and energy so that we can order or save what we want with the touch of a button. For all industries such as travel, hotels and even catering, we can use the software to book reservations with us online. List of 10 benefits of an online ordering program.

1) Speed ​​- With the online ordering program, the customer knows that the information has been sent correctly to the other party. There is no doubt or question. Ordering online is simply the most cost-effective way to do this.

2) Elasticity – This method of ordering allows both the consumer and the company to work in a flexible place to get all the necessary orders.

3) No Fraud – Online ordering is a reliable way to prevent any kind of fraud. When someone uses personal credit card information, this system permanently locks them.

4) Accuracy – This software provides accurate head counts when the order is completed.

5) Popular – This will attract more customers to the internet and allow a higher follower traffic on the website.

6) Never leave home – the customer can quickly plan their reservations without ever leaving home. All they need is an internet connection and a credit card.

7) Double ordering – The risk of double ordering with the online ordering program is greatly reduced. The program keeps your reservation separate from the other person.

8) Fewer employees required – The company does not need more than one employee without an online booking program. Basically, it’s a convenience for the company.

9) Comparison – This allows the customer to compare the online price range before placing an order.

10) Organization – The online ordering program will organize you and your business better so that you can better manage any major changes that come your way.



Booking a Hotel Online? Here Are Common Mistakes to Avoid


Booking a hotel online can be a daunting experience. What you see online doesn’t always mean that is what you are going to get when you arrive, which can lead to disappointment and even ruin your entire holiday. The safest option is to book into a five star luxury hotel, because these hotels are known for their elegance and luxury, so chances that you are disappointed is dramatically reduced. There are some other important mistakes that you must avoid at all times when booking online.

Expecting the best room

Expecting the best room is definitely a common mistake made by many travellers. When you book online you select whether you want a double or twin room, from here it is up to the reservation team to determine who gets placed in which room. Don’t expect to get the room shown in the pictures as this isn’t always possible. If you do have a preference, ensure you make note of it on your reservation. Once you get to the hotel, if you are unhappy and if they aren’t fully booked, they may be able to move you to accommodate your request.

Expect your requests to be guaranteed

Again, you may request a particular room, you may request to have certain conveniences in the room, not all hotels can accommodate this. Don’t expect your requests to be guaranteed until you arrive or you have confirmed with a reservations manager. Again you may find yourself disappointed if you assume that anything you request on booking is guaranteed.

Arrival and Departure dates

When booking any hotel online, ensure you put down the correct date you arrive at the hotel and the day you leave. The slightest mistake could leave you without a room for a night, either at the start or end of your holiday. Always double check your dates when booking and check them again when you receive your booking confirmation to ensure that they are the exact dates you specified.

Not using a credit card

The safest way to book any hotel online is to use your credit card to secure your booking. While most hotels are honest and will only take the deposit amount or hold onto your details so you can pay in full on arrival, a credit card will offer you added protection and is a safer option than using your debit card. Don’t make this mistake which could ruin your holiday before it even starts.

Book into the wrong hotel

So you have done all your research, gone through the facilities and services the hotel provides and chosen your room that you feel best suits your needs and budget. You probably have a number of hotels you have looked at and booking the wrong hotel is surprisingly a common mistake. When you arrive at the hotel you originally chose only to find out that you aren’t staying there can be devastating.

Not reading online reviews

Before you consider booking into any hotel, take a few minutes to read through reviews from past guests. Reviews help you identify if the hotel offers what they say they do or whether they have photo shopped photographs on their site to make their hotel look better than it actually is. Don’t ever make the mistake of booking a hotel room without reading the reviews.

Not checking the cancellation policy

Every hotel has their own cancellation policy, so you can’t assume that all hotels will give you a twenty four hour cancellation where they will return your deposit. Ensure you check the policy so you know what you are liable for in the event you cannot honour your booking.



Is Traveling Through Online Cruise Booking Agents A Good Idea?


Technology has taken over the world now and with the development and progress of technology, businesses, employments and jobs are now not only confined to shops and buildings but now internet is also being used as a mode of earning money. Same is the case with flight tickets, hotel rooms, movie tickets etc. that now they can be booked online too via credit or debit card but here the actual question is that is this booking technique a good option when it comes to the booking of cruises?

If you are also looking for the answer to this question then you are probably reading the right article as here we are going to discuss the pros and cons of online cruise bookings.

Pros Of Booking A Cruise Online

The best advantage of online booking is that you can do a lot of research on different cruises and check for the most suitable one for yourself. You can purchase the cruise at whatever time you think is convenient. All the cruises have their own websites and they have all the details including that of the cabin, their food timings, facilities and physical activities so when you are booking your cruise online then you can compare the facilities provided by the cruises and their fare too. Ultimately all these things can make you decide what’s best for you.

Cons Of Booking A Cruise Online

Online booking can be bit of a problem for those who are travelling on a cruise for the first time. The booking procedure of a cruise is quite complicated as you have to book the cabin, dinning times and routes online and if you have no experience of being on board then it can be tough for you to decide what you want. The other issue in online booking is that you have to make all the research on your own, though you are independent and are not bound by a travel agent for anything but yet you won’t be getting any alerts for final payment due dates or you won’t be reminded of the necessary things that you require on the trip because you are responsible for everything on board.

Final Verdict

It is highly recommended to contact a travel agent for cruise bookings if you are travelling for the first time because there are so many elements that you are not aware of and that can be problematic for you. However those who already have a few experiences of being on board then you can surely go for online booking as it is easy and more convenient!



Disadvantages of Online Bus Booking


The idea or trend of online bus booking has steadfastly climbed the popularity graph, and has the potential of scoring over its physical counterpart in the very near future. However, as akin to a coin, there is another side to this success story too. There are a number of facts that you should be consciously aware of while out shopping for the best deals in the transportation arena. Even though there are numerous advantages of hopping on the web-based reservation bandwagon, callousness in selecting your firm or reading the fine print may land you in serious trouble – both financial as well as legal.

Recent news, though, has been positive as far as online bus booking is concerned, with GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) embracing the trend. With government authorities also recognizing the brighter side of web reservations, the darker side of the same is being pushed farther away from public notice.

However, here are a few drawbacks of the online bus booking service, which at times mar the enjoyable experience of reserving a place for yourself on a transport vehicle from the confines of your home:

  • Authenticity

– A lot of portals use the facade of the web as a wall to present fake licenses and registration documents, often convincing the clients of their non-existent authenticity. Make sure you check with the local authorities or with that of the state of origin of the agency, to avoid being conned by the latter.

  • Hidden Costs

– Potential clients often miss out on reading the fine print or hidden terms and conditions stated in the quote. This allows the agency to charge a much higher sum (hidden costs) than the quoted price.

  • Restricted Options

– Some web-based bus reservation sites provide a much restricted outlook – some may offer a cheaper quote on a package tour, conveniently missing out on half of the tourist spots you may have wished to visit had you visited a local travel or booking agency.

  • Special Requirements

– Very few online bus booking services take into consideration special needs of aged or handicapped people. This creates problems for such individuals.

  • Direct Support

– The absence of authentic customer care support, one-on-one interaction and similar after-sales support may cause communication as well as troubleshooting turn limp, even while you are on a trip.

Therefore, even though online bus booking has been a boon for customers who would rather enjoy a quiet laze in their homes, it may turn into a menace too.

Only a handful of online portals provide the standard of service ideally demanded by customers. You can also look up a firm like Ezeego1, which provides online bus booking services in over 4000 pan-India routes, all in a jiffy!



Benefits Of Booking A Cruise Online


Traveling is soothing; it is the packing and booking that is stressful. Most people are accustomed to booking travel online but for first timers, it is usually better if they seek a travel agent’s help. However, if you’re still willing to take chance, we suggest you go for it. There are many reasons as to why. Starting off, it’s easy to independently book flights, hotels, and car rentals.

However, you must know this: with cruises booking online is rather a very different story. The booking process is more complicated – you have to choose ships, itineraries, cabin categories and dining times – than it would be if you were using a travel agent.

Nevertheless, there are upsides to this. Sometimes they are often considered more than booking online. The upside to booking a cruise online is that you have many options and can do your travel research on your own. This way you won’t be spared any details that your travel agent might have otherwise decided to keep from you. You will also be at the liberty of purchasing at whatever time is most convenient to you – nothing keeping you bound to a schedule basically.

Some other advantages are mentioned below:

1) You can easily compare fares and special deals across multiple sites to know which one is the best and then decide accordingly.

2) You also can sign up for email alerts that will inform you about every last minute deals, price drops, and limited-time promotions. Travel agents sometimes are sneaky about things like these but this way you have the chance to avail those if you want to.

3) Online sellers can provide you with lots of information – deck plans, cabin layouts and information about cruise ship amenities and in-port activities – to help you book. Basically, everything you want to know is right there.

4) Your preference about getting your type of cabin matters and will be booked – depending on how early you book, how much you can spend, etc.

5) Although travel agents sometimes save you money with deals, they aren’t always motivated to get you to pay less because that would mean less money for themselves. So it is better when you book your own self because that way you can get a better price.

6) In addition, agents often charge fees to book airline tickets. Some charge more than $250 to plan an international vacation.

7) The price travel agents tell you includes a hefty portion that will be his/her commission. This is why they will look for most expensive offer suitable to the preferences you have told him/her. More reasons to book online and save some money!