What is a taxi booking program?


The taxi booking program is a web-based platform that allows your customers to order online from the comfort of their own home or office, such as their own taxis and executive taxis (such as limousines). The platform should offer a management interface where the taxi company can manage content and access all order and customer information. Usually the platform will include all the required features like hosting, email accounts, updates, a domain name (web address) and most importantly backup!

In general, your taxi ordering software should be able to:

Provide functionality to prepare your orders

o Allow your customers to make online payments and deposits with credit / debit cards.

create those invoices

Update your website without the need for your web designer.

o Provide the customer with a taxi

Follow those customers.

o Involve your customers through interactions such as contact forms

More and more taxi companies are looking for an integrated taxi booking system because it makes life a) easier for the customer Рthis is very important and in today’s internet age people should be able to order taxis online without getting a phone and b. ) taxi company Рbecause all orders are managed through an automated system, ie there are electronic records of future and historical orders. From the historical data, the taxi company will be able to look at the order directions of certain periods, and future orders will allow them to budget according to their employees and taxi routes.

The Taxi Booking Software can be built on top of a great looking website and can be used by third party payment providers to ensure secure transactions. One of the factors that can be an obstacle for taxi companies is the cost of the taxi booking program. Some vendors offer a shared price model that allows certain taxi companies to share the cost of the system. This type of model is known as many sellers. Because taxi booking systems are web-based, this software is no problem, as the software is centrally located on the web server and the front end of the website can be marked in any way required by the taxi company. In today’s technological world, can a taxi company be without an ordering program?