Travel sites can provide the best advice and information when it comes to booking your vacation


Over the past decade, the number of holidays that people have taken has been steadily declining; but while this trend owes much to the increasing affordability of air travel, it must also be borne in mind that travel sites have played a major role in the holiday industry revolution. In fact, as the internet continues to thrive as a valuable source of information for many of the world’s population, the advent of online travel sites has become a vital planning and booking tool for future vacationers.

A new study by Nielsen / NetRatings on behalf of Harvest Digital and Adviva examined a selection of consumers in the UK and confirmed that the World Wide Web has now become one of the most important portals for people looking to plan a holiday and write a book. According to research, 55% of internet users in the UK book their holidays online; In addition, 9 percent of Internet users book their vacations online after doing their research on the high street, while 17 percent of users do their online research before ordering their vacations over the phone. The study also found that two-thirds of Internet users take two or more vacations a year – how important travel sites are to the global tourism industry.

Today, online travel sites have become more than just a less expensive portal, where vacationers can book cheap flights, hotels and tour packages. In fact, modern travel websites provide travelers with extensive information and hard-to-find information to help them plan their vacations better. For example, the website of the American Automobile Association (AAA) in the United States offers visitors a comprehensive travel service for road trips within the country; recently became the first online travel planner to list local gas stations in America – and additional sites like these prove just how important travel site information is for future vacationers.

Many other travel websites provide internet users with destination guides as well as vital information about intercontinental rail trips and cruises. By providing such information, travel sites have made themselves invaluable to the majority of travel consumers who use the internet. The variety of online travel sites available today means that after any type of vacation, you can definitely find it online. For example, if you are looking for a site where you can book short breaks in a number of places in the UK and around the world, the internet has a lot to offer you. Make sure you research your vacation and accommodation options carefully on the internet – you can find a lifetime vacation deal!