Your first flight – A ready calculator

Taking your first flight can be quite disturbing, even if it is a simple two-hour domestic flight from Delhi to Mumbai. From the simple worrying concern that the plane is surely going to crash to the more pressing concerns as to whether you have completed all the procedures necessary at the airport, the first plane trip can be quite trying for them. uninitiated. What makes it even more difficult is that you can't take a friend or relative to guide you around the airport. For security reasons, airports do not allow accompanying visitors to venture beyond the airport gate. Here's a handy checklist to help you get past the countless airport counters without feeling lost.

  • Make sure you are at the right airport. Most cities have separate airports for domestic and international flights. Make sure to tell your taxi driver clearly that you are taking a domestic flight.
  • Find your airline's terminus. For smoother administration, different airlines are assigned to different airport terminals. Most taxi drivers will drive you to the correct terminus if you tell them the name of the airline in advance.
  • Get a cart for your luggage. These are usually lined up right outside the airport entrance.
  • Keep your ticket in hand. You must show it at the airport entrance to enter. If you have an electronic ticket, you will also need to present photo ID. This can be your voter ID card, your PAN card, your driver's license, your passport or even a credit card with your photo.
  • Go to the baggage control section to have your baggage x-rayed. At this point, you need to place only the heavy baggage that will be checked into the aircraft cargo. Once the baggage has been checked, it is sealed by the airport authorities to avoid any alteration. Return the sealed baggage to your cart.
  • Go to your airline counter to get your boarding pass. Wait in the queue until your turn arrives. Check your sealed baggage. Baggage can be weighed to ensure that it does not exceed 20 kg. The airline manager may also request to see your photo ID. If you came early enough, you will have the choice between the aisle seats and the window seats. After making your choice, you will receive a boarding pass. The counter will also have lots of luggage tags. Choose tags for your carry-on baggage, such as handbag and travel bag, and attach them to your baggage after entering your name and contact information. Leave the cart near the counter but make sure it doesn't bother anyone.
  • Enter the security control area. Place your carry-on luggage, including cell phones and jackets, on the treadmill of the X-ray machine.
  • Now go to the search area. This area is right next to the hand baggage screening machine and is protected by curtains. There are separate areas for men and women. After being searched, the caretaker will stamp your boarding pass.
  • Retrieve your carry-on baggage from the back of the X-ray machine. Make sure the person handling the machine has stamped your baggage tag.
  • Wait in the lounge area until you hear the boarding announcement. The announcement will state the gate number for your flight.
  • Join the line at the boarding gate. An airline official will check your ticket before letting you pass the door.
  • Board the airline bus that carries passengers from the boarding gate to the plane.
  • When arriving at the plane, show your ticket to the flight attendant before boarding your flight.
  • Go to the seat indicated on your boarding pass. Place your hand luggage in the upper cabin. Now sit back and enjoy the flight!

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