Air Canada adds another option to book flights from New Delhi to Toronto

Air Canada is the national airline and the largest service provider in Canada. Its global presence is also quite strong and the carrier has been ranked ninth in the world based on the size of the fleet. This airline serves more than 178 destinations worldwide, operating more than 1,500 flights per day. Recently, he added another option to his reservation list – New Delhi to Toronto. The Indian population in Canada is large, and this recently introduced service will target this segment of flyers. The Vice President (Global Sales) of Air Canada, at the launch, said that he was in step with the airline's growth strategies of becoming a global power. In addition to this, he also mentioned that the market response has been enthusiastic since the announcement.

It has been observed that trade and commerce activities also increase between the two countries with the passing days. Given all of these factors, this theft can witness heavy traffic. If you are also looking forward to traveling between these countries for leisure vacation or business purposes, the following details can prove to be very helpful.

Flight details

Most flights from New Delhi to Toronto have one or two stops, which added three to six hours to the total travel time. With this launch, travelers can save their precious time and make the most of it. It is beneficial for business travelers, who cannot afford to invest long hours in travel. The inaugural service was scheduled for November 2, 2015 and touched down at Indira Gandhi International Airport at 10:35 p.m. According to the report, it will operate four days a week; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. To make your experience smoother, the carrier has deployed the latest Boeing 787 Dremaliner on this route.

Dreamliner 787

This mid-size, twin-engine, wide-body aircraft is one of the most fuel-efficient models available over long distances. Manufactured by the American manufacturer Boeing, this aircraft saves around 20% of the carrier's fuel costs, which are also reflected in the booking prices for airline tickets. More than 250 passengers can be transported at one time, which further reduces operating costs. In addition, noise cancellation is up to 60% higher, due to the jagged edges of the engine nacelles. The angled fin of this model further improves overall efficiency.

Regarding the customer experience, the windows are about 30% larger than those presented in similar aircraft. This allows you to enjoy better aerial views of land masses or bodies of water. Brightness can be controlled by button; therefore, you don't have to pull the blinds up or down every time for adjustment. Its setting can be changed from completely obscured to fully transparent according to preference, in gradual steps. It has been designed to feel higher humidity and reduced pressure in the passenger compartment. You can also enjoy on-demand audio video services while traveling in this ultra-modern aircraft.

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