Cheap holidays in the Mediterranean: take advantage of late offers and parachuting in the sun

Looking for a dose of excitement with your beach vacation this year? With so many cheap flights on offer, there is no excuse for locking up this inner daredevil longer. Tune one of the many late offers to sunnier climates and fly away for a torrid break with a slice of exhilarating parachuting thrown. Mediterranean. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced pro, there are many drop zones with breathtaking landscapes dotted across the Mediterranean that await you.

Paradise of Spanish skydiving

Book a holiday in Barcelona and, after a night of cultural paradise in the coolest city in Spain, head to Empuriabrava for a day of action. This unique coastal town, with its picturesque canals and vast marina, is a high place for paratroopers and well known for the Mediterranean skydiving circuit. Perhaps the largest parachuting center in Europe, this drop zone is famous for its breathtaking scenery, which mixes mountainous terrain with the sparkling blue of the sea. Running all year round, the center of skydiving is perfect for thrill seekers who have enjoyed late holidays and want to have fun in the short term. Choose from tandem jumps or a variety of accelerated free fall courses and, as all jumps are recorded in high definition, your stretched moment of glory is sure to fit into the story.

Sky and Snow Adventures, Empuriabrava, Spain. 020 7430 0800

Extreme tandem skydiving on the Israeli coast

If you can take one of the cheap flights to Israel, you are guaranteed a scorching holiday by the Mediterranean, kicking included. Less than half an hour from Haifa is a beach parachuting center specializing in tandem jumps. Ideal for impatient beginners looking to scare themselves while learning as little theory as possible, this center offers a range of options to turn the stomach around. Control monsters can opt for a Tandem Challenge, where the instructor lets you take care of pulling the parachute rope on time, and the absolute daredevils will appreciate the Jet Tandem skydiving, requiring an oxygen mask because of the high altitude!

Paradive, Habonim Beach, Israel. 00 972 46391068

Parachute jump on Ephesus on the Turkish coast

Turkey has long been the destination of choice for a beach holiday for those looking for cheap flights, but head to Izmir and you can experience a completely different type of Turkish holiday. Nestled near ancient Ephesus, you can learn the not so ancient sport of skydiving. If you wear ruins and the wind whistles heavily against your masked face, rekindle your sense of adventure by taking a look at the traditional camel wrestling matches!

Skydive Efes, Izmir, Turkey

Classical parachuting course on a volcano

Cheap holidays can regularly be found on the volcanic island of Sicily, a true solar trap and home to a passionate parachuting center. In the spectacular scenery of Etna, try the classic approach to skydiving, the Static Line. After a 10-hour course, beginners jump from the plane to 1200 meters and are guided to the ground via an intercom. Tandem skydiving is available for those who want a quicker introduction to the ever-active volcano from above or you can take the accelerated course of free fall and soak up the views of the calm waters of Taormina Bay on seven jumps tonics.

Skydive Sicilia, Mt Etna, Sicily. 00 39 329 126 4876

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